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All classes & performances are held in a versatile event space in Pasadena, Crown Theatre. It's also the home of our affiliated dance studio, Crown City Dance.

Start Dancing Today

Call 626-765-9999 or email to book your FREE intro lesson!

Join Crown City Dance, an independently-owned Ballroom Dance studio offering lessons for adult students. Learn any form of dance - Swing, Salsa, Cha-Cha, and more! A fun date night, great exercise, and a chance to make new friends. 


Our instructive sessions provide an interactive and exciting environment to learn the foundations of dancing. In just your first lesson, you can learn the basic patterns to most styles of dance. Using our unique teaching methods, we will provide you with excellent instruction.


All of our instructors are trained and certified. We use a combination of private instruction, group lessons, and practice sessions to give you the balanced and personalized help you need to learn the art of dancing. Our teaching methods allow you to have the different experiences needed to fully understand and work towards mastering these lessons. Private instruction will provide you with direct feedback on your technique, and correct any errors in your movements. Group sessions will allow you to both observe others perform, as well as get to know other students with similar dancing goals. Finally, practice sessions give you the opportunity to perform and gain active experience

Call 626-765-9999 or email to book your FREE intro lesson!

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