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Members of the dance company The Hollywood It Girls are offering private lessons over Zoom and in person at Crown City Dance in Pasadena. In support of our theater renovation efforts, the instructors will receive half of the lesson payment and the other half will be donated to Act 1 - Act 111.

Lessons are available in many subjects:

  • Dance - any style

  • Public Speaking

  • Calligraphy

  • Acting Submissions & Auditions

  • Choreography 101

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Script Analysis for Stage or Film

  • Clowning

  • Online Networking 

  • Shakespeare's Text for Performance

  • Resumes for Film/TV Industry

  • The Art of Letter Writing

  • Marketing

  • Dance Auditions 101

Classes are valued at $125. We are suggesting a $95 donation but you are welcome to donate more. Your generous donations are tax-deductible. 


Danielle O'Neill

All Dance Styles


Dana Benedict

Voice, Tap, Clowning (Physical Theatre)


Alison Sinclair

Lindy Hop/East Coast Swing, Burlesque, Vernacular Jazz, Acting Submissions & Auditions


Kat Murphy

Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz 

IMG_4717 2.jpg

Victoria Rafael

Tap, Yoga, Shakespeare's Text for Performance, Script Analysis for Stage or Film


Sheila Mann

Public Speaking, Online Networking, Resumes for Film/TV Industry, Calligraphy, The Art of Letter Writing, Dance Auditions 101, Yoga, Pilates, Foam Roller Class, Theraband Class, Choreography 101, Dance: Feather Fan, Chorus Line, Vernacular Jazz, Ballet 1

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Aubrey Williams

Public Speaking for Actors, Character Voice Development, Character Movement Development, Audition Prep for Actors &/or Singers, Improv, Musical Theatre, Stage Movement, Stylistic Singing Techniques, Monologue Practice, Short Scene Practice, Vocal Training, Vocal Performance, Dynamics in Music, Scene Analysis

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